Apostle C. Tyehimba

Apostle C. Tyehimba Thonor-Kuykendall, II, D.D.

Apostle C. Tyehimba

Apostle Thonor-Kuykendall is the Abbott / Presiding Prelate / Chief-Apostle & Founder of the Life Ripples Ministries Global Faith-Community, which provides Pastoral Care Services, Out-Reach Ministries & Worship Services to those without a pastor and or a church home. He is the Jurisdictional Overseer of the Evangelistic Jurisdiction (Mother Chapel). In addition, ministries across the globe that are a part of this faith-community, are all involved in Out-Reach Ministries. Life Ripples Ministries Global started July 1, 2007. Tyehimba is also the Assistant Chaplin PH.A Lodge Ecclesiastes # 120, and a member of the Rollers Prayer Team. The Rollers Prayer Team is one of the ministries under the Pastoral Care Tier.

Tyehimba is the founder and CEO of the One2 One Organization. This organization supports and motivates youth who have Individual Educational Plans (IEPs), and enhance parent/guardian involvement in their childís IEP. One2One Organization is now: One2One Educational Out-Reach Programs. It is one of the tiers of our LRMG ministries.

He also served as a Volunteer Guardian for 3 adults that have been adjudicated Mentally Incompetent by Probate Court. He had been a volunteer for this program through the Adult Guardianship Program for over 6 years. This is one of our ministries under our Pastoral Care Services Tier.

Tyehimba also worked in the Church Of God In Christ for decades in various capacities. Including but not limited to: singing in youth choir, the district choir. His trial sermon was @ Kinsman Rd C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of the late Jessie L. Davis. He served in the Y.P.W.W. Department & also served as District Youth Pastor for 6 local churches in that district. Numerous other roles all of which were in an Out-Reach Ministry capacity.

C. T. Thonor-Kuykendall Credentials

Ministerís License Church of God in Christ, Inc 08/15/1987
The Degree of Associate of Applied Science in Community Services Technology The University of Akron 12/13/2003
The Degree of Bachelor of Arts/Social Work The University of Akron 12/13/2003
Ordained as Reverend Universal Life Church Monastery 08/09/2007
A Doctor of Divinity Degree Universal Life Church Monastery 08/09/2007
Ordained as Bishop Universal Life Church Monastery 04/12/2008
Certificate of Episcopal Consecration Christian Life International Ministries 10/27/2012
Certificate of Apostolic Affirmation Christian Life International Ministries 10/27/2012

Our Pastor & 1st Lady

Pastor and 1st Lady

They have been married for 38 years, and have 3 grown children; and several grandchildren. The pastor and 1st lady are Saved, Sanctified, and Holy Spirit filled. This ministry started as an Outreach Ministry, that past our tracts on the street corners, bus stops, and provided services to those that didn’t have a pastor i.e. funerals and weddings. During the same periods of time we were blessed to also start a radio broadcast ministry.

Join E.I.T. 1st Lady as she has an Annual Women’s Day Program. This is our way of celebrating the lives, gifts, tears, and joy that each every mother. We have a multi-program day or days which include but not limited to the following: bazaar, recognition of the mothers, worship service, and more. In addition, we are very grateful to E.I.T. 1st Lady for being the Sabbath School Leader. We look forward to her anointed insight, as she leads us through each lesson.