Apostolic Council

Apostle C. TyehimbaThonor-Kuykendall, II, D.D.

Abbott / Presiding Prelate / Chief-Apostle

Apostle Thonor-Kuykendall is non-denominational & Non-traditional ordained minister & consecrated bishop, consecrated with Apostolic Session as an apostle. He is the Senior Pastor of Prophetic Outreach Chapel/Cleveland-LRMG and Prophetic Chapel Pakistan-LRMG.

Adjutant-Bishop David N.Greene

General Secretary

Adjutant-Bishop David N. Greene is the Senior Pastor of The Hour of Deliverance Ministries (HODEM)-LRMG, a growing prophetic Church in Liberia, and the Overseer/ Pastor of The Life’s Ripples Ministries Global-LRMG, Liberia Charter.

Apostle Shon

Director of Religious Studies

Part of the Evangelistic Jurisdiction. He was appointed Director of Religious Studies in May 2012 & is a member of the Ordination Board, reaffirmed 25 October 2014.

Apostle Cornelia Isaac


Performs or oversees all of the financial record keeping functions and prepares the financial reports for the church.

Bishop Kennedy Musungu

Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor of Glory Miracle Celebration Centre in Kenya. Loves doing what he (God) send him to do.

United States

Name Title Email In Good Standing
Apostle Cornelia Isaac Apostle [email protected]
Shon S. Simpson Apostle [email protected]
Charlene Cofield EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Marva J. Porter EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Wilber Jarrett Elder  
Rose Elizabeth Wells MIT (Minister In Training)  
Toshara Masih EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Jessie Spears Reverend  
David Cooks Junior EIT (Evangelist In Training)  


Name Title Email In Good Standing
Pastor Joseph Wasike Pastor  
Kenedy Musungu Bishop  
Pastor Patrick Akoyi Adj pastor  
Richard Ambani Pastor  
Wiliam Angwenyi Evangelist  
Henry Juma Pastor  
Maurice Karioki Pastor  
Absolom Kombwa Pastor  
Daniel Kombwa Pastor  
Geoffrey Nyakundi Pastor  
Naomi Opumbi Elima Kwatemba Pastor  
Kennedy W. Musungu Bishop  
James High Evangelist  
Alfred Auna Amulioto Pastor  
Protus Igutia Pastor  
Mackey Otisa Pastor  
Dorice Lisero Pastor  
Philip Obare Missionary  
John Shitoshe Pastor  
Enock Shamalla Nyundo Pastor  
Vincent Winjala Pastor  
Lawrence Sifuna Pastor  
Jason William Pastor  
Joash Ouma Evangelist  
Jacob Ayub Lambasi RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Mary Naliaka RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Ingila Oliver Paul RIT (Reverend In Training) [email protected]
Everline Ogendi RIT (Reverend In Training) ogendieve742yahoo.com
Paul Mukamlamba RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Wyclifee Shinachi Shayo RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Paustiner Alexanda Otisa RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Josephat Andula Okama RIT (Reverend In Training) [email protected]
Johnstone M. Sande RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Isaac M.Lusweti RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Moses Elius Kweho RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Dominic Sifura Arura RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Judith N Mukanda RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Levy S. Pinji RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Elima Niva Matumbes RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Henry Khaere Watako RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Bilha Ayera Kombwa RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Dominic W. Mikisi RIT (Reverend In Training) [email protected]
Emmanuel Masika EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Miyawa Joan Ayu EIT (Evangelist In Training) [email protected]
Anziya Beatrice Mbayi EIT (Evangelist In Training) [email protected]
Fredrick S.Mutenyo EIT (Evangelist In Training)  


Name Title Email In Good Standing
Majid Ahmed EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Ghazala Majid EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Danish Zaman EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Waqar Sohail EIT (Evangelist In Training)  
Amer Zeeshan MIT (Minister In Training)  
Kamran John MIT (Minister In Training)  
Khurram Benjamin RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Lazarus John RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Babar RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Asher Bhatti RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Zeeshan Ashraf RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Shan Sarwar RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Kamran Shareef RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Farhat Stephen MIT (Minister In Training)  
Basharat Zaib DIT (Deacon In Training)  
Tania Kanwal MIT (Minister In Training)  
Allison Gatzke MIT (Minister In Training)  
Khurram Sohail MIT (Minister In Training)  
Vincent John DIT (Deacon In Training)  
Pastor Raees Wilson RIT (Reverend In Training)  


Name Title Email In Good Standing
David N. Greene Bishop  
Baindo C. Greene RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Igu Onwuka James Ikechukwu RIT (Reverend In Training)  
Harris Johnson MIT (Minister In Training)  
Clarence Johnson MIT(Minister In Training)  
George C. Porte RIT(Reverend In Training)  
Patience James MIT (Minister In Training)  
Helen Dolo MIT (Minister In Training)  
Beatrice Dean MIT (Minister In Training)  
Cecelia Wisseh MIT (Minister In Training)  
John Wisseh MIT (Minister In Training)  
Jacob I Berry MIT (Minister In Training)  
Romeal J. Wees MIT (Minister In Training)  
Beatrice E. Samuel MIT (Minister In Training)  


Name Title Email In Good Standing
Obong Thomas Mike EIT(Evangelist In Training)  
Bwiire Johnson Pastor  


Name Title Email In Good Standing
Niva Rani Sarkar MIT (Minister In Training)  


Name Title Email In Good Standing
Binambra Jena MIT (Minister In Training)  
S. Jestin MIT (Minister In Training)  
Ajay Masih RIT (Reverend In Training)  


Name Title Email In Good Standing
Sabeen Hidayat Chromjak EIT (Evangelist In Training) [email protected]

United Arab Emirates

Name Title In Good Standing
Mohsin Ayub MIT (Minister In Training)