Prophetic Outreach Chapel Cleveland

Evangelitic Jurisdiction

Apostle C. Tyehimba Thonor-Kuykendall, II, D.D. is the Jurisdictional Overseer. He is the Abbott/Presiding Prelate/Chief-Apostle of this Faith-Community.

Bishop C. Tyehimba Thonor-Kuykendall, II, D.D. is the Overseer of the Evangelistic Jurisdiction. Evangelistic Jurisdiction is where the Spirit of the Living God is free to dwell in and among us to use us according to his purpose!

This is the Jurisdiction in which:

  1. The Mother Chapel (Headquarters) resides.
  2. Prophetic Outreach Chapel/Cleveland (POCC)-LRMG resides.
1st Lady

The chapel is a place where ALL are welcome! In 2012 the Lord called for the formation and operation of this chapel. If you like the smaller chapel where everybody knows your name, where you are missed when you are not there, a place, a place where you feel love, where YOU matter! Most importantly this a place where the presents of the Lord is here. Where miracles, healing, and The Word of God is preached.

This is a place where we welcome the Holy Spirit taking control of the services. Where the primary goal is winning souls for Jesus the Christ, and working with the saints to meet the condition to receive the gift of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, with evidence of speaking-in-tongues.

We are a diverse and multi-cultural congregation, that come together with the freedom to praise the Lord. The freedom to tell of his goodness, sing our songs of praise in the Testimony Services. We obey Psalms 150.


Our ministry is outreach based. We are not a chapel that exist between 4 walls, we have been commanded by the scriptures to “go out!” Our Mission Statement is found in Luke 14:23 “And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled.”


If you don’t FAST you won’t LAST, if you don’t PRAY you won’t STAY. Prayer is the key, and we are a praying faith family. We believe in tarry for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Not that we have to wait until it arrives, because it’s already here. Nevertheless, we that it’s neccessary to meet the “condition” in which we are able to receive the indwelling of th Holy Spirit. So through prayer and tarrying, we can ask God to come in and take “everything in us” thats stands in the way of us receiving this gift to be removed!

Elders / Seniors

We believe that our elers/seniors are jewels, and should be treated as such. As par of our “Outreach Ministry”, we visit the eldery/seniors whereever they may reside. Not only visit but have service with them, including the Eucharist. It’s important to remmber and honor their years of service given unto the Lord, and their faith-community. It doesn’t matter what faith-community they belong to, if there is a spiritual need, we will try to fill it via the leading of the Holy Spirit! Let’s NOT THROW our elderly/seniors way. See if you can SERVE them today!

Sabbath School

The book that we use for our Saturday School is from Union Gospel Press Publication, “Christian Life Series”. They are by the quater based books. These books offer great lessons for our Christian Life. Our Saturday School Lessons offer plenty food for thought, and often very spirited classes. When is the lat time you were at Sunday/Saturday School? Try it and see for yourself!


We are looking for a Praise Team Saved Volunteer Leader, and we are looking for youth to particpate as well!


We take music to be a ministry as well. We celebrate the ways Psalms 150 says for us o do. We use modern technology for songs, we enjoy the way the saints use to do it, foot stumping and hanclapping. You might see a washboard too. We are looking for God to send someone that wants to serve God with the gift he has given them to be a musician. We wants someone that wants to join or local, rather than play or our local as a job.

Community Service

As part of our “Outreach Minisry”, we have various bazaars: health, free clothes, free food, tracts arepase out as well. Some of the members serve as legal guarians for youth, for adults that have been ajudicated mentally incompetent to medical decisions fo themselves. We are involved in numerours projects throughout the year. We are all about being a “servant” of the Lord.

We want everyone to come and worship the Lord with us. These are the different ways you can share in the worship experience with us. Come on into God’s House the “House of Prayer!”


3:30pm Saturday School 4:30pm Worship Service & Radio Broadcast

3rd, 4th & 5th Tuesday nights

6:30pm Prayer & Bible Study.

1st & 2nd Tuesday nights

6:30pm Prayer & Tarrying Service.

Radio Ministry Broadcasts

BlogTalkRadio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lrmg/

Evangelistic Outreach

We have a ministry of distributing tracts, and or Our Daily Word. We might be in a neighborhood by you! You can call us and request a tract and or a Our Daily Word to be sent to you.

Pastoral Care Program

We have a ministry of visiting the sick not only in the hospital, but in the nursing home, and in the family home as well. Nevertheless, there is “healing” in the “House of Prayer”, the Lord’s Hospital! We have an active healing and spiritual station called the POCC Infirmary Nurse Station.

Glory Miracles Celebration Jurisdiction Kenya

Glory Miracles Celebration Jurisdiction Kenya

Imani Children Centre-Orphanage (Imani means Faith). Glory Miracle Celebration Centre

Nairobi, Kenya is the Foreign Mission / Ministry Headquarter of LRMG

Bishop Kennedy W. Musungu is the Jurisdictional Overseer of Glory Miracle Celebration Jurisdiction. He is also the pastor of Glory Miracle Celebration Centre-LRMG in Nairobi, Kenya

Rev Kennedy Musungu an orphan himself founded IMANI CHILDREN CENTRE.  Imani means -Faith. There are over 6 Pastors and churches in this Jurisdiction.

Prophetic Outreach Chapel Pakistan

LRMG Pakistan

Hour Of Deliverance Ministries Liberia

  • Food Distribution
  • CAP
  • Clothing Program
  • Water Development

Overseer David Greene is the Jurisdictional Overseer of the Hour of Deliverance Jurisdiction, and the pastor of Hour of Deliverance Ministries-LRMG in Congo Town, Liberia  There are currently over 5 pastors in this jurisdiction.

Hour Of Deliverance Ministries	Liberia