Evangelist Marva J. Porter, Prophetic Outreach Chapel Cleveland-ChapelMother (USA)

The late, Bishop David N. Greene, Pastor of Hour of Deliverance-LRMG (LIBERIA)

Bishop Kennedy W. Musungu, Pastor of Grace Celebration Centre-LRMG (NAIROBI)

Pastor Rose E. Pruitt-Wells, Pastor of YeHoVaH' House of Prayer-LRMG Cleveland (USA)

Evangelist Tina Kuykendall, First Founding Lady of: Prophetic Outreach Chapel Cleveland (USA) & Life Ripples Ministries Global Faith Community (GLOBAL)

Apostle C. Tyehimba Thonor-Kuykendall, II D.Dv, Founder/Pastor of Prophetic Outreach Chapel Cleveland (The Mother Chapel & Training Center) for the Life Ripples Ministries Global Faith Community. He's also the Founder/Abbott/Presiding Prelate/Chief Apostle of the same. He is the Founder & Senior Pastor of the Prophetic Chapel Pakistan-LRMG (PAKISTAN)

Evangelist-In-Training (EIT) Ghazala Majid of Prophetic Outreach Cleveland-LRMG (USA)

Evangelist Charlean Cofield of Prophetic Outreach Chapel Cleveland-LRMG (USA)

Apostle Cornia Isaac, Pastor of Speak The Word-LRMG (USA)

Pastor Jestin, Pastor of Taberah Apostolic Ministries-LRMG (SOUTH INDIA)

Minister Tania Kunwal of Prophetic Chapel Pakistan-LRMG (PAKISTAN)

Reverend Lazarus John, Local Pastor of Prophetic Chapel Pakistan-LRMG (PAKISTAN)

Pastor Igu Ikechukwa James, of The Patriarch Commission-lrmg (USUBI, DELTA STATE)

Minister Harris Johnson-from Hour of Deliverance-LRMG


Evangelist Christopher George of Prophetic Chapel Pakistan-LRMG (PAKISTAN)

Evangelist-In-Training (EIT) Tina Gill of Prophetic Chapel Pakistan-LRMG (PAKISTAN)