Life often presents us with Ripples in our life: With all of the 12 services listed below, they can be customized to fit the particular type of ceremony you want. Whatever the ceremony, it most be faith-based in order for us to be true to our self…..

These are some of the Services we offer to those that DO NOT have a PASTOR (However, if you have a pastor but, still need someone to provide any of these services we are still available):  


Thinking about getting married at City Hall? If you live in Ohio, give us a call with your party of 18 or less, and come to us and we will do our best to make your special day both memorable. If you would like ceremony at a designated area, place, we will be happy to come to your location as well. We provides two options of services that you customize to fit your needs:

A simple wedding includes the following:

  1. Initial meeting with couple
  2. Homework Assignment
  3. A Relaxation & Meditation Session with the couple
  4. Couple Dropping Off Their Completed Homework
  5. Certifying the Couple for Marriage
  6. Officiating the ceremony of your choice

A formal wedding includes the following:

  1. Initial meeting with couple.
  2. Three Relaxation & Meditation Sessions with the Couple.
  3. One Relaxation & Meditation Session with the Parents of the Bride.
  4. One Relaxation & Meditation Session with the Parents of the Groom.
  5. Three Homework Assignments.
  6. Working with a Wedding Planner if you have one.
  7. Attending and Participating in One Rehearsal.
  8. Attending the Rehearsal Dinner.
  9. Certifying the Couple for Marriage.
  10. Officiating the Ceremony of your choice.
  11. Optional, taking pictures with the couple.
  12. Optional, attending the reception for the “Blessing of the food”.
  13. Sending the couple a Customize Certificate of Marriage from Life’s Ripples Ministries.
  • If parents aren’t involved in the wedding, then these session can be used by the Best Man and Maid of Honour. We have Wedding Ceremony books to help your choose a Unique Wedding for you. There is no charge for either of these services however, a donation is expected to be given PRIOR to officiating the ceremony. If 7,8,10 & 11 happens out of the Greater Cleveland Area, then please include the cost for gas in addition to your donation, as part of your donation. Thank you for your support of Life’s Ripples Ministries.

Divorce Ceremony

Yes there’s is a ceremony for releasing out of the wedding vows. If you are getting a divorce and want an official ceremony for the release, we can officiate a service for you.  


Want to have a simple dignified service for your loved one at the funeral home or grave site. We are available to help your celebrate the life of your cherished loved one. Come and share the memories of your loved one as we plan the celebration of their “home-going.  


Most of us think about christen when are children are babies. Do you have older children as well that haven’t been christen? So why not think about Christening:

  • Your baby
  • Your toddler
  • Your pre-teen
  • Your teenager
  • Yourself

Let’s give thanks for the precious gift of a child’s life to us! We can perform this celebration at our office or your designated area or location.  

House Blessings

Have you recently or planning to move into a new residence?

  • Have you thought about the color of the carpeting for each room of the house?
  • Have you thought about what color you want to paint each room?
  • Have you thought about the style of furniture you want to have in each room?
  • Have you even thought about the draperies and shades you are going to hand in each room?
  • Have you thought about or even purchased your lawn furniture yet?
  • Maybe you have even planned or had your “House Warming Party” already. Here’s something that maybe you forgot to do. Have you heard of or thought about a “House Blessing Ceremony”? This is a ceremony that your entire family can participate in. A House Blessing Ceremony is to give thanks for this blessing and, ask for God’s continue love and harmony. Call us, we would be happy to facilitate this with you in your residence.

Relaxation & Meditations Sessions

Do you know the impact that stress has upon your:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Spirituality
  • Marriage
  • Career
  • Education
  • Your overall well-being

We are teaching the art of relaxation through meditation & imagery. For more information about this service email us. We are also interested in starting a group to meet weekly for a relaxation & meditation session. If you are interested in the time & the donation fee email or give us a call @ 216.538.0432

Hospital Visits, LTC Facilities & Home Visits

In your darkest hour of need, who do you call on to come and do the following:

  • Come to your bedside and have prayer with you in the Emergency Room.
  • Come to your bedside and have prayer with you in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
  • Come to your bedside and have prayer when you are in Hospice Care.
  • Come and advocate on your behalf with the nursing staff by being a concerned visitor. You may surprised at the difference in the treatment being administered, when the staff is aware of a concerned visitor, and or minister involved with a patient.
  • Come to a regular room to have prayer with you there.
  • We also provide the same ministry for a member of your family as well.
  • We also visit Long Term Care Facilities as well. However, priory is given to people who are in the Hospitals or in Hospice Care. We provide these services to those that do not have a pastor or a church home. In addition we add the sick person’s name to our Prayer List Blog.
  • When the final call is made, and you are on your way to meet your Higher Power, we can provide a Non-Denominational Form of Last Rites for your love one.

Volunteer Adult Guardian

As a volunteer guardians we serve as advocates & medical decision makers for Adults, that have been adjudicated Mentally Incompetent by Probate Court. The blessing has been how my life as a volunteer guardian has been enriched by the people I have served. The longer I volunteer and the more I serve as guardian for one person, the deeper the bond becomes with that person. As you volunteer you realize that One Person and does make a difference. As guardians, we are on call 24/7 in order to be able to advocate for the adult (ward). We volunteer through and the support of the Adult Guardian Services. If you are interested in being a volunteer contact the agency: Adult Guardianship Services 2800 Euclid Ave. Ste 200 Cleveland, OH 44115 216.696.1132

Out-Reach Retreats

See the Events Page. Retreats are open to anyone who wants to attend. Regardless if  you are in ministry or not, or just in need of respite!

Foreign Ministry / Mission

Please see the Missions Jurisdictions Page.